What does "average weight" mean in the product description? How big of a difference may I expect between this weight and the product I actually receive? 

All our jewellery is handmade - that is, we only use traditional goldsmithing tools to make them. In practice this means that every jewellery is a bit different - you cannot tell this by looking at the items but the scale will reveal the slight differences. Also the weight of the natural stones sometimes slightly differs. The expected difference is in the range of hundredths of a gram. In case of rings the difference may be a bit larger. This is because we use rings sized 55-57 to measure the average weight. Hence, if you order e.g. a ring in size 47, the difference may be in the tenths of a gram. 

I like a particular design but I would like to order it in a different form. E.g., you offer my preferred design as a ring, but I would like a similar pendant. Is this possible? 

Certainly. Most of our designs exist in a set of ring, pendant and earrings. We have just begun building this website and it doesn't yet display our full catalogue. If you like a particular design and would like to buy the whole set or a part of the set which isn't yet displayed online, email us at info@fpgarnet.cz. We will send you all the characteristics of the item, together with a photo and a price. You can then finalize your order by email. 

I like a particular design but I would like to order it with different stones. E.g. your offer this design in combination of garnet-moldavite, but I would like a similar design with just the garnets. Is this possible?

This is usually possible. We stock garnets of different shapes and sizes, so if you would like to buy an item with just garnets, we will certainly be able to accommodate you.

With moldavites, there are some limitations. Small moldavites (under 3mm) are impossible to obtain. The stone is too fragile and you lose to much precious rough material by cutting it, which is why they are not produced in smaller sizes at all. However, we do have plenty of designs in which the garnets and the moldavites are freely interchangeable. Email us at info@fpgarnet.cz for a consultaiton. 

Small garnets (up to 3mm) are freely interchangeable with cubic zirkonia. 

Please bear in mind that especially the variations with moldavite or with cubic zirkonia aren't always in stock. The production can take up to a week. 

I have bought your jewellery and noticed that the metal bears several imprints/stamps. What do these mean?  

These are the stamps affirming the authenticity of our jewellery. They serve mainly to protect your legal rights. 

We stamp all our products with a metal authenticity stamp (925 in case of silver and 585 in case of gold) and with our company stamp FPG which is registered with the Assay Office of the Czech republic. 

For internal reasons, the items also bear small numbers that tell us which of our jewellers worked on the piece. Then, if there is a defect, we can solve this with a particular colleague. This is how we ensure internal accountability. 

The last and, indeed, the most important stamp is the official stamp of the Assay Office of the Czech Republic. This stamp is their affirmation of the authenticity of metal. In accordance with the Czech laws, we submit for state stamping all our gold jewellery above 0.5 g (i.e. in practice 100% of the production) and all the silver jewellery above 3 g. 

There is no governmental stamp on my silver item. How can I tell if it is really silver?

In case of small silver jewellery weighing under 3 g, there is no legal obligation to stamp. However, we use the same material for all our silver production - we make the big and the small items in one batch, because it is more practical to do so - and we guarantee that the labels we use are true. The official affirmation of the material's authenticity is obtainable e.g. from the Assay Office of the Czech Republic or from your country's assay office. 

Can I obtain an authenticity certificate with my jewellery? 

We attach an authenticity certificate with each sold item. The certificate carries the item's weight, material and date of purchase. However, from the legal perspective this is just a form of evidentiary support. All these characteristics which we guarantee are already included on our website and on the invoice which your receive by email upon sending the order. Hence, you lose none of your legal rights even if you lose the certificate. 

Is it possible to visit your manufacture?

As a manufacturer, we aren't open to public on a general basis, but we do love accepting visitors! Please email us at info@fpgarnet.cz to make an appointment. 


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