Our company

Our team

FP Garnet is a family-run company established in Prague by Tatiana and Fedor Podstolny. Their daughter, Tatiana, is also working in the jewellery business. 

Our team consists of fourteen excellent jewellers most of whom have been with us for over ten years. Together we take on the entire manufacturing process, from the initial draft-design to the finished product. 

Our values 


In our work, we put a lot of emphasis on traditional craftsmanship: we make all our master-models by hand and we swear by manual stone-setting.  Although we have experience with 3D print, manual work still has its magic for us, as a way of ensuring that each jewel has its own unique beauty. 


We are privileged to have long-standing business ties with reliable, ethical suppliers of gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones. We know all our business partners personally and are confident in the quality and authenticity of their goods. 


Before leaving our manufacture, each jewelry item - from the smallest of earrings to the heavy, impressive necklaces - goes through several levels of quality control. We pay particular attention to the quality of our stone-setting, polishing and rhodium plating, so that our jewelry can keep you company for many years to come. It is a given that we also meticulously abide by all legal conditions of jewelry trade which includes continuous cooperation with the Czech assay office.


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