Gold ring with garnet
  • Gold ring with garnet

Gold ring with garnet


The golden ring with two garnets shaped into linden leaves belongs amongst our limited edition jewels. The garnets for this signature piece are cut and shaped from garnet rough at our manufacture. Every such jewel is a unique piece of art.

We currently stock one ring sized CZ 57 - USA 8.5 - RUS 18. For the sake of maintaining quality of the ring, we do not recommend resizing it. It is possible to order the ring in any size, with manufacturing time between 1 and 2 weeks.

Gold ring with garnet

Gold ring with garnet

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Gold ring, garnet

This exclusive golden ring is shaped like the leaf of linden, the Czech national tree. Unlike the garnets which we buy pre-cut from our suppliers, the garnets used in this ring are cut and shaped at our manufacture. Every ring is therefore completely unique. Due to the difficulty of the manufacturing process, these rings are not ordinarily available for wholesale. At the moment, we only have one last piece in stock, and we will only be making more if pre-ordered. The ring weighs 6.79 g and is size CZ 59 - USA 9 - RUS 19. It is possible to safely enlarge or shrink it up to 3 sizes. 

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