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Gold ring, garnet

Weighing mere 0.94 g, this is the lightest gold ring in our collection. With its extremely delicate band and the amount of craftsmanship that goes into hand-setting the miniature garnets, this is truly a marvelous example of goldsmithing skill.

$78.00 Price

Gold ring, garnet, zirkon

Gold ring with five round garnets and four cubic zirkonia. Inspite of the larger amount of stones, the delicate prongs and the thin band make this ring very light and airy. Average weight only 1.06 g.

$90.40 Price

Gold ring, garnet

Gold ring with a central plain cut octagone garnet with three small rounds on each side. Average weight 1,29 g.

$105.20 Price

Gold ring, garnet

Ring with a garnet caboshon set into a meticulously detailed gold crown. Average weight 1.33 g. 

$111.00 Price

Gold ring, garnet

A delicate ring with three round garnet stones wrapped with a golden ribbon. Average weight 1.42 g. 

$115.10 Price


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